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Top 3 Reasons to Buy a HUD Home in Homestead

While you may be searching for a home in the suburbs that lets you live close to Miami, you may not be as interested in the urban landscape and constant energy of the city. But Homestead, Florida may have just what you are looking for — a beautiful community 40 miles from Downtown Miami with plenty of condos and houses to choose from.

So why buy a HUD home in Homestead? Here are three of the best reasons.

3. HUD Homes are Affordable

HUD homes are foreclosed homes that are now owned by the federal government, and thus are typically more affordable than other properties on the market. But since these homes are owned by the government instead of homeowners, the process to find these homes and ultimately buy property is different.

The HUD Home Store has listings of all available HUD homes, and you can visit our HUD home information page on our website to learn all about these affordable housing options.

2. It’s a Great Option for First-Time Home Buyers

two homeowners standing in front of their new home in FloridaAs a first-time home buyer, you are probably encountering the challenges of finding a home that fits within your budget and gives you the location that you want. HUD homes are a great option since they are more affordable, especially in the suburbs of Miami.

You have the option of saving even more on your first home by completing our First-Time Home Buyer Program. Not only will you learn about all the responsibilities of homeownership, but you will be eligible to receive up to 3% assistance on closing costs.

1. You May Receive Special Discounts

If you are looking for a home that happens to be in a revitalization area in Homestead, you may receive special discounts. If you are in one of these occupations, you can buy a HUD home for 50% off the listing price:

  • law enforcement officers
  • preK-12 teachers
  • firefighters
  • emergency medical technicians

This is all part of the Good Neighbor Next Door Program, which you can read about on the Department of Housing and Urban Development’s website.

You Can Find Your Dream Home in Homestead

three wicker rocking chairs on a house's front porchHomestead is a great place to live that gives its residents easy access to Florida’s best attractions, including the Everglades and Florida Keys. But Homestead also offers culture and attractions of its own that residents love, including historic sites, the popular Homestead Rock’n Ribfest, and the Homestead Miami Speedway.

We hope that this information about affordable homes in Homestead helps make your home search easier, and we can always talk about HUD homes more in detail if you want. Just call us at 305-508-7250 or email us at and we can answer your questions.

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